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Turtles’ Life Challenges

Throughout my research, we can understand more about turtles.

Does turtles have teeth article was my early findings. Baby turtles are born with a ‘hatchling tooth’ or ‘egg tooth’. It is a tooth for them to break open their eggs. After they are out of their eggs, they lose this tooth soon. This is their first challenge.

I had written baby turtles’ first life challenge research. Once the baby turtles are well-developed in the eggs, they have a tooth to crack out.

Journey from Nest to Sea

The moment they hatch out of their eggs, land predators are waiting to devour them. Crabs and even flocks of gulls prey on turtles for food as mentioned in my journey from nest to sea article. The survivors able to reach the sea. It is such a great relief. Safe from danger. They return to the sea where their mother dwells.

Wait a minute. Are they safe?

Not so. In the sea, turtles also have to face another kind of predators which dwell in the deep of the sea. Thus, they have to protect themselves. Shark preys on turtles for food. Can the baby turtles survive from the sharks?

Atlantic Bigeye Sixgill Shark Illustration Process

In conclusion, turtles face many challenges. From birth and throughout their lifetime, they need to survive from many predators. Yet, we may forget another predator. Human. Turtle soup is one of the famous Chinese delicacies.

Turtle Soup

Where is the safest place for turtles? According to green turtle WWF news, turtles are on the brink of extinction. But, another group of human cares for such creatures. As I search the safest place for turtles, PacSafe shows a sanctuary for turtles. Seven places to dive with sea turtles article shows the safest place for turtles. They encourage the animal lover to encounter and interact with turtles. Great Barrier Reef (Australia). Akumal (Mexico). Sipadan (Malaysia). Cozumel (Mexico). Molokini Crater (Hawaii). Barbados. The Cayman Islands.


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