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Ms Tienny The is a hard working staff. She is always thinking of great ideas on how to simplify and improve work processes in her work area. She is a dedicated and reliable worker and complete tasks assigned to her on time.

– Eric Tang, Manager, AR & Collections, Finance Operations & Control, NETS, Singapore

Able to display a kindness and sincerity that everyone in the office found likeable. At the point of starting her tenure more than capable of simply attending to general administrative matters. I found that she was very proficient in what she had learnt in her studies before, which she applied to the organisation of her work on vessel monitoring, crew and other chartering matters. Her overall performance in Hafar Marine was excellent, and she has shown herself to be honest and handles her work with responsibility and efficiency.

– Chan Boon Hock, Director of Hafar Marine Pte Ltd, Singapore


“Tienny is an efficient illustrator who completes the assignment before the deadline.”

– Karen Lee, The Writer of An Instrument for Eddie, Singapore

“Tienny makes improvements in our website at She also used WordPress and other programming codes to enhance our website and to make it user-friendly and intuitive.”

– S Y Chan, Managing Director of Hafar Marine Pte Ltd, Singapore