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Printed Books

Touch and feel the paperFlipping through the pages of everyConcept visual storiesSpark into the eyesConcept written storiesSpark into the eyesThe eyes to the window of the soulWhat is more in physical books?

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The cycle of the time

From dawn to your morningFrom my morning to your afternoonFrom my afternoon to duskFrom my dusk to my eveningFrom your evening to my nightFrom my night to your midnightFrom my midnight to my dawnAn endless cycleThis is the cycle of time

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Print Books vs e-Books

According to Joan Ganz Cooney Center findings on studying 32 families of the parent-child interaction, 63% of pairs have higher engagement in print books. It proves that print books prompt children to have physical interaction. There is more parent-children conversation through reading print book compared to e-book. Hence, it is a challenge for the designers […]

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