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Clouds Cloud after cloudMoulded togetherForm similar and distinctive shapestogetherUncountable misty foamsBright day shows its lightnessNight shows its greynessClouds

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Wind A sun‘s uneven heat onto the earthCreate air movementColourless airInvisible to the eyesOdourless gasAir pressure blows from a different directionHigh-pressure air manoeuvre to an area of low pressurePressure difference leads to airspeedUnpredictable forceThe wind

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In every new dayA sun appearsat every increment of hourThe sun glows brighterIts heat increasesAbsorb part of waterFrom every grounds, lakes, rivers, and seasWater dries upwardsLosing its transparencyFoam togetherCreating a new shapeThe Cloud

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End of the dayIn the darkened skyMany lit of bright lightsTiny from the eyesightFive-pointed trianglesTogether surrounds the moonEmit light to the dark worldThe star

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The day has endedSky turns to dark blueSea turns to dark greenA moon brightens allIn the dark blue seaYoung turtles marvelThat only moon

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