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Flying Utopias Paper Fold Balloon

Last Tuesday (20 August 2019), I went to my class. A stack of floating utopia paper fold catches my attention. I looked into it and saw the answers were folded behind every question. Was it a sequel of the FieldTrip for the Floating Utopias exhibition at ArtScience museum? Flying Utopia Paper Fold The paper fold […]

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Flying Utopias at ArtScience Museum

Last week (30 July 2019) was a FieldTrip to ArtScience museum for the Floating Utopias exhibition. It is about the history of an inflatable art on flying objects. Such a fascinating discovery to know its beginning. Hot air ballooning was introduced to the public in Europe in the eighteenth centuries. The first batch of animal […]

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Wonderland Exhibition at ArtScience Museum in Singapore

On 16 April 2109, I was on a school FieldTrip to Wonderland Exhibition at ArtScience Museum. My classmate and schoolmates and I received a ticket to enter the museum. There are different type of pictures on every ticket. Though there are different entries, it still leads to the same place. Thus, we were able to […]

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