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Who Is Tienny?

I am an animator who graduated with a Diploma in Animation Art from Lasalle College of the Arts. My focus is illustration and animation for young children with the interest in the pre-production process – script, storyboarding and character design, and illustration. My style draws heavily towards education and manga style. Besides that, I care about the storytelling aspect thus I studied scriptwriting masterclass.

I have worked on projects 2D animation B2B vs BFF for Google, illustrate children’s book ‘An instrument for Eddie, comic inking for Association of Comic Artists (Singapore), character, web and app design for TTC Apps, and even art and robotics teaching jobs to various MOE schools on assignment basis.



She won an AFCC 2017 Super Short Story Award in April 2017, and Vega Arcturus Winner Award in eInvitation Design in 17 December 2018. In 4 April 2019, She won Indigo Honorable Mention Award in Student Artwork in Character Design, and Indigo Bronze Award in Student Artwork in Storyboarding. In 18 April 2019, she won Muse Rose Gold Creative Award in Portfolio Showreel Video.



My designs are suitable for publications such as storybooks and also promotional materials such as posters and booklets. Prospective services might include publishers, educational institutions such as kindergarten and child cares and even teaching and training curriculums.

My commissioned work can be viewed at this link and you can engage and even employ my services for your needs.

Writing stories is part of my muse and imagination to my child and children to communicate about certain aspects of life. Hence, this blog is dedicated to my stories and portfolio.


Artist Statement

Staying passionate and inspired is my main concern for my well-being. My inspiration comes from animals and the environment they live in. For example, a turtle and tortoise embody strong and significant traits that I love, which are patience, perseverance and strength. A dog represents loyalty nature. The environment that the animals live in is specially designed to fit their nature.