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Turtle City : Cavity Monsters

Book Title: Turtle City : Cavity Monsters Publisher: Kitaab International Pte Ltd Language: English ISBN Number: 978-981-11-9074-2 Genre: Children’s Picture Book Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 inch Genre: Children’s Picture Book Weight: 196g Publication Year: 4 November 2018 Publication City / Country: Singapore Format: Paperback 38 pages, full colour  Hing hates brushing his teeth. No one can persuade […]

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Thankful for

The greenery scenes Leafs dance in the bright sky All the ups and downs Birds chirps melodiously Children roam in the park Pets accompany their masters Thankful for ________________?

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Past is my

Past is your? Because of? What do I do? Silently energetic of own work In the hustle bustle of life Where are you? Things happened quickly Past is my ________________?

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Future is your

Past is your ____________Earlier is your ____________Upset over ____________Because of ____________The night is ____________Yesterday is your ____________Now is your ____________Later is your ____________What is your purpose ____________Where are you?Future is your ____________?

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Later is your

IntentionsAccidentsIncidentsSituationsActions with thoughtfulnessEither reactions or responsesPast is your ________________Earlier is your ________________All on the weighing scaleNow is your ________________Later is your?________________. (more…)

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