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Morning is my

The rooster crows Birds chirp good morning melodiously The orange-yellow sun rays brighten the roofs and houses Squirrels jump around trees Birds catch worms for their young Morning is my ________________________________.

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Dawn is my

Snow falls in the night sky Dark blue turns lighter Awaiting the coming sun A glimpse on the faint orange light Nocturnal animals sleep A moment of silence Dawn is my ___________________________ Before the rooster crows Before the birds chirp.

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Midnight is my

d The dark is not blackObserve and admireA dark blue turn into an indigo skyBirds chirp no moreIn the silent midnight skyHear the wind cooAll leaf breeze gentlyMidnight is my_________________________________.

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Thank you to our Front-Line Heroes!

On 11 April 2020, I went through a Nagomi Pastel Art workshop through zoom. The theme of the workshop is to thank you our front-line heroes during Covid-19 Pandemics.I love the soft and peaceful feeling during the entire class through direct touch towards the paper. It relaxes me and increases my productivity level. As a […]

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Thankful for

The greenery scenes Leafs dance in the bright sky All the ups and downs Birds chirps melodiously Children roam in the park Pets accompany their masters Thankful for ________________?

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