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Turtles’ Habitat

Understanding about turtles helps me to understand their unique abilities and its role in the world ecosystem. Now, I research on their habitat.

The Green sea turtle national geographic article mentions their usual habitation, activities, and even strengths despite their weaknesses.

Turtles inhabit tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world. The most interesting fact is they clamber onto land to sunbathe. Imagine yourself going to the beach. Along the way, you can find turtles sunbathing on the sand.

There are two types of green turtles – Atlantic and Eastern Pacific green turtle. Atlantic green turtle is found in Europe and North America. Eastern Pacific green turtle is found in Alaska to Chile. They are named according to their most frequent found location.

Usually, green turtles can weigh up to 317.5 kilograms, which is equivalent to 500 pounds. Their nonretractable small head length is 152.4 centimetre.

Normally, sea turtles have greenish skin colour but either brown or olive shell.

Turtles' Habitat

Turtles’ Habitat

Another amazing discovery about sea turtles in the national geographic news. A Powerful and graceful swimmer is another of their characteristics. The writer highlights that their flippers resemble paddle.

Based on my perspective, turtles’ flippers inspire human to create paddle. Researching the history of the paddle can be another topic to cover. Or do anyone of you knows the history of the paddle?

Creativity is all around us. It depends on the person who observes, interact and acts upon it.

Creativity is all around us

Creativity is all around us



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