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Journey from Nest to Sea Illustration Process


The illustration idea focused on sea turtles’ hatchlings and predators section at the Green Sea Turtle National Geographic article. In the beginning, the article title was ‘turtle hatchling and predators’. However, the title sounds dull to me. So I drop the title idea.

It is an interesting fact to read crab and seagulls eat hatchling turtles. Their existence are considered as part of food chain in nature. To depict this research clearly, they are included in the picture. Black colour was chosen to signify their danger towards the marching turtle hatchlings to the sea. At first, crab and seagull were positioned behind the hatchlings. However, it did not show a stronger sense of danger to them. Usually, seagulls fly above the sea and crabs are found at the shores. Hence, I positioned them that they were stuck by those predators. A seagull was standing on the shallow beach. A crab is strolling near to the sea shore. Despite looming danger, it is important to show the persevering hatchlings towards the sea.

Journey from Nest to Sea 1

Since turtles hatch 100 to 200 eggs, it is a great challenge to design the vast amount of turtles marching towards the sea. Besides that, I need to make sure to create sense of depth on the turtles’ perspective near and far sight.

Journey from Nest to Sea

Size contrasts are depicted to signify fierceness and and weaknesses between the seagull with the turtles. Between the crab and the turtles hatchlings.

After completing the illustration, I feel that the title Journey from Nest to Sea will convey a clearer message of my research.


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