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Journey from Nest to Sea

Do you ever wonder about turtles’ hatchlings challenges? green sea turtle article explains their birth process and challenges as well.

Female turtles leave the sea and return to the beach their mothers hatch them. They dig the sand with their flippers to create a pit. Hatch 100 to 200 eggs. Return to the sea. Under the hot sun for two months. Those are the times the baby turtles are woven and take into shapes. Safest moments as well.

Two months later, the baby turtles break out of their eggs. We will be glad to see them hatch out. But they immediately face great challenges. Besides meeting their sea predators mentioned in turtles’ predators, they also have land predators. Crab and flock of gulls will feed on them. Oh, their most vulnerable moments.

Our beloved cute seagull feeds on turtles. They will not hesitate to eat the baby turtles. Crabs also prey on them. Life and death situation is the mark of their journey from nest to sea.

Journey from Nest to Sea

Journey from Nest to Sea

It is an eye-opener for humans to understand about the sea animals’ struggles. We tend to fantasize about the beauty of baby animals in the wild. Not so for sea turtles. Their greatest challenge is to survive on their way home.

What is your perception of the animals’ lives? Do you ever fantasize on their life struggles and their good points? Any myths or legends in your beliefs about sea turtles?


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2 Responses to Journey from Nest to Sea

  1. Vaggelis Karadimas September 5, 2018 at 2:21 pm #

    Here’s a little something for the caretta caretta, found in Greece mainly.

    • tienny September 5, 2018 at 2:40 pm #

      Interesting yet painful turtles’ life in Greece. Dogs and foxes prey on them. That’s challenging for the turtles living at Greece.

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