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Does turtles have teeth?

Two days ago, I was pitching about my Cavity Monsters story to six publishers in StoryDrive Asia 2017 conference. One of the publishers asked me a question, “Does turtles have teeth?”

Interesting question.

That sets me into thinking. Hence, I did some research by googling it.

Based on my research, some prehistoric turtles had teeth but modern turtles have real teeth. But baby turtles are born with a tooth referred to as a “hatchling tooth” or “egg tooth”. Baby turtles use hatchling tooth to break open their eggs. After they are out of the eggshell, they lose this tooth soon. Here are the research links I found at , , ,

In conclusion, I believe that the pre-historic turtles are still alive somewhere in the remote part of the sea.

Thus pre-historic turtles are found in modern times with their strong intrinsic values.

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2 Responses to Does turtles have teeth?

  1. thewiz November 25, 2017 at 2:34 am #

    It is an interesting question but I suspect it falls under the heading of “artistic license”. Kind of like, “Do mice wear pants?” (Mickey Mouse and other famous mice)

    There is precedence for this question in the artist/cartoonist world, however. The iconic John Lewis Hart comic strip “B.C.” often touched on the meme “Clams have…” which covered everything from hands and legs to scruples and, yes, teeth!

    See an example here:

    • tienny November 29, 2017 at 12:19 am #

      Rev, I feel so privileged for you to take the time to read my article about the existence of teeth.

      😀 Ha! Ha! Ha!

      It is a very funny example in a comical form.

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