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What is the meaning of storytelling in the cognitive realm?

Storytelling is about connection, identifying the problem, provide the solution, and even sharing conceptual richness. Thus, the meaning of storytelling is to create and enhance relationships and cognitive therapy. Through storytelling, it can identify their distortions and able to provide cognitive therapy to them to understand and make sense of the reality of the world […]

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Atlantic Bigeye Sixgill Shark Illustration Process

Process Based on my previous Atlantic Bigeye Sixgill Shark research article, it is a newfound species. How does the shark feel when being satellite-tagged? Does it moves carefully? Does it feel uneasy to move? Does it attempt to sway away from the satellite tag from its tail? They may feel slight pain when their tissue sample […]

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Turtles’ Predators Illustration Process

Process I have watched Avoid Sharks BBC video and wrote research. In summary, based on the new found research, when there is a shark, the turtles will hide and keep still. During night time, turtles have to do careful dance around the sharks in order to run away from them. Thus, this illustration focus […]

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