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What is turtle’s diet?

I was improving my watermelon drawing. My mind begins to wonder about the animals that eat watermelon. However, it leads me to think about turtles’ main staple.

What do turtles eat? What is their main diet? Where do they find their food source? How do they able to find their food? When do they eat? Those are the questions I begin to ponder.

Based on What do turtles eat Live Science article, most turtles are omnivores. However, some turtles are carnivores and some are herbivores. There are more than 300 species of sea turtles. Interestingly, they are considered as an ancient reptile. Each kind has their own dietary preferences. From the article, you can find out in detail on different turtles’ species diet.

According to sea turtle diet expert give talk importance healthy habitat UCF Today news, green turtles which reach 300 to 500 pounds, are the only herbivores prefer to consume seagrasses and macroalgae.

Some turtles able to find their food from crevices in coral reefs as mentioned in diet and eating habits article. They also state that flatback sea turtles are opportunistic feeders.

Throughout my research, sea turtles’ consumption diets range from crabs, jellyfish, cuttlefish, tunicate, seaweeds, sea cucumbers, molluscs, seagrasses, algae, sponges, sea squirts, squid, shrimp.

Usually, young and juvenile turtles are carnivorous. However, once they reach adulthood, they progressively shift to herbivores diet. This is the most surprising fact about the sea turtles’ characteristics.

Feet Pet Turtles article explains young and juvenile turtles typically need to be fed every morning and afternoon. They need the vitamin and calcium supplements about three times a week. Around 7 years turtles, they are considered to reach adulthood. Thus, their feedings frequency reduces. Their feeding frequency is around every other day or even every third day.

Watermelon and Turtle

Watermelon and Turtle

In the end, I search that there are images of turtles eating watermelon. So, turtles do eat watermelon.


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