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Wonderland Exhibition at ArtScience Museum in Singapore

On 16 April 2109, I was on a school FieldTrip to Wonderland Exhibition at ArtScience Museum. My classmate and schoolmates and I received a ticket to enter the museum. There are different type of pictures on every ticket. Though there are different entries, it still leads to the same place. Thus, we were able to walk together to explore about Alice in Wonderland and its history. The history is beautifully printed into a thick longboard. Every picture introduced the history of Disney animation. The first conception video of the animation is viewable and listened with the headphone. Thus, I can listen to the great stereo sound.

When we enter into the dining hall, each of us needs to do cut-out activities for a character. Then we stick it onto the large ticket. Then we scan our face and ticket. Suddenly, we can see our face on the card soldiers and see the characters moving from one side of the screen to the other side, and vice versa. Next, we were led to a closed room filled with white plates, teacups, and even teapots. Suddenly, a light projected a picture onto the wall. Another light color overwrites the pictures. More lights shot over the pictures and completed it with colors. My friends and I were so delighted with the whole experience. And we were so relieved that our teacher waited for us.

According to me, this is a very memorable experience. Besides that, I also observed the framed traditional scripts for the Disney animations. It is worth to mention and learn about the scriptwriting from the pioneers.


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