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Turtle Shower

Since turtles live in the sea, I thought they do not need to take shower. During my research, I find out that they also take shower. According to BBC Turtle Spa video, tiny fishes clean turtles’ shells. Surgeonfishes feed on the dirt in its shells. While they are cleaning, the turtle keeps still and adopts a certain posture. Personally, I feel that turtles are cooperative by nature.

According to Pewtrusts article, the relationship between turtle and surgeonfish are about convenience. The turtle swims towards the seafloor to let the surgeonfish inspect, graze and gorge on the appetising algae stuck in its flippers and shell. Algae is a nutrition to the fishes, but dirt towards the turtle. With the smoother shell, the turtle saves energy to swim easily on their long migratory journeys to the beach it is born. Through such facts, we can learn that there are two sides of the coin for algae. Turtle views algae negatively. Surgeonfish perceives algae positively.

The most surprising findings, Disney Finding Dory animation is a surgeonfish which can be found worldwide among the coral reefs. Thus, we can conclude on Dory Fish’s usual food consumption. It is good to have the scene where Dory Fish feeds on the algae. Or is the animated movie shows the unusual forgetful surgeonfish? Getting lost from its cleaning job station community.

As I observe and reflect on turtles, they inspire me more. Living under the sea yet quiet, reserved and shy creature as explained in my Similarities on Turtle and Tortoise article. They look so calm swimming in the sea, especially during their spa.

Dive into the seafloor
Spotting bluish fishes circling around
“Hygiene station” signboard
Flap flippers
Outside the signboard

A swarm of bluish fishes dash towards
Flippers and the oval back with hard hexagon patterns

Every found algae inside
Flippers and the oval back with hard hexagon patterns

Pass by

The swarm of bluish fishes leave
Flippers and the oval back with hard hexagon patterns

Bluish fishes and turtle bow with thanks
Waving goodbye
Continue flapping the sea journey


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