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What are the similarities on turtle and tortoise?

My previous article emphasises the differences between turtle and tortoise.

According to my findings, there are similarities between turtle and tortoise. In Chinese, 龟 is the final word to determine such reptiles. 乌龟 means tortoise whereas 海龟 means turtle. In Chinese, 乌 means dark and 海 means sea.

From the following BBC articles, we can understand the similarities between turtles and tortoises:

1. Tortoise Life

2. River Turtle Race

3. Giant River Turtle

4. Sea Turtle Life

5. Turtle Life

Both are reptiles with their bodies shielded by a shell, the upper part is called carapace and the lower portion called a plastron. Carapace and plastron are attached by a bridge. Though the head and limbs may be withdrawn from the shell, the whole body can never be totally detached from it. They are reclusive and shy reptiles.

The above diagram helps to summarise the facts on the reclusive and shy reptiles.


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