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Turtle Babies

Katie Daynes is the author for the Where do babies come from? children’s book. I find shocking facts about turtles. Mother turtle waits for night time then she digs a hole to lay up to 200 eggs and cover them up. The turtle babies are left on their own. The Green Turtle’s Battle for Survival BBC video confirms the fact. Such notion really makes me cry for the baby turtles.

Baby Turtle

I had mentioned in my Does Turtles Have Teeth? article that the prehistoric turtle is still alive in the remote part of the sea. The prehistoric turtle mother does not leave her babies alone. The father turtle accompanies the mother turtle to digs a hole to lay up her egg and cover them up. They return to the sea and back to the beach. From the beach to the sea again. Swimming to and fro. Observe their egg. Taking turns to anticipate for their baby to break through the shell. Once the baby breaks out, they quickly fetch their baby to the remote part of the sea.


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