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Where is our?

Different life experiences May or may not Accept or do not accept Question or not to question Where to go and where Two crossroads coincide Opposite extremes meet Where is our ________________?

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Twilight is my

Lapis lazuli colour paints the top night skyTransitions to ucla blueWith gradient turkish roseImbue warmth to the asleep creaturesHovering mountbatten pinkTowards the dark shadow mountainTwilight is my________________________.

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Night is my

White bright light moon brightens the skyBirds close their eyelidsTiny bright stars accompany the moonSquirrels enter into their dreamlandShadows cover the earthTime for humans to sleep wellNight is my________________.

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Afternoon is my

Great sun rays blaze through the sky Bright light blue colour the skyStrikes heat to the trees and houses Soaking water to the sky Wet clothes and food dries All bright and visible to the eyes Afternoon is my ________________.

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Morning is my

The rooster crows Birds chirp good morning melodiously The orange-yellow sun rays brighten the roofs and houses Squirrels jump around trees Birds catch worms for their young Morning is my ________________________________.

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