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Turtle City : Cavity Monsters

(5 customer reviews)

Book Title: Turtle City : Cavity Monsters
Publisher: Kitaab International Pte Ltd
Language: English
ISBN Number: 978-981-11-9074-2
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Publication Year: 2018
38 pages, full colour

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Hing hates brushing his teeth. No one can persuade him to do it, until one day a foul smell emits from his mouth. Let us go inside his mouth and see what is happening there!

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Turtle City
Cavity Monsters

5 reviews for Turtle City : Cavity Monsters

  1. J. Yeo

    Storyline is interesting and characters are cute!

  2. Rus

    Interesting story concept and the kids love it. Good reminder for kids to brush their teeth.

  3. Anna Christensen

    The book is good for young children, very educational, Cute characters and funny.

  4. Chua

    Recommended book for the children to read and also for the parents. The author has delivered the message in a systematic and easy way to let the children know and understand the consequences for not brushing teeth diligently. Thumb up for the book ??????????

  5. Lynn

    The story is entertaining and I think this well-illustrated book will help a child understand what goes on in his mouth if he/she refuses to brush his/her teeth. I am looking forward to reading it to my baby nephew when he grows up!

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