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Ocean where Turtle lives

In BBC Power of Tide video, we can listen that the ocean has the rhythm that the land doesn’t have. According to them, animals can detect tides with perfect accuracy. Our lovely sea turtle is swimming peacefully. They feel that the sea gives hope. It has the most infinite ability to regenerate but also extremely fragile. White slabs are the dead corals. Our ocean has been absorbing more carbon monoxide. Thus, the water is acidic. Based on their research, it is hard to grow skeleton in the acidic sea.

Besides all the pollution in the land, water pollution can endanger our sea animals’ reproduction system.

Ocean where Turtle lives

Ocean where Turtle lives

If we want to let nature improves, each of us needs to do our part. Are we going to let our beloved sea animals disappear? The surgeonfishes, turtles, plankton, coral reefs, and many other sea creatures.


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