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Flying Utopias at ArtScience Museum

Flying Utopia

Flying Utopia Exhibition Guide

Last week (30 July 2019) was a FieldTrip to ArtScience museum for the Floating Utopias exhibition. It is about the history of an inflatable art on flying objects. Such a fascinating discovery to know its beginning. Hot air ballooning was introduced to the public in Europe in the eighteenth centuries. The first batch of animal experiments was a duck, sheep, and rooster. There is a milestone breakthrough in the flying utopia.

Get to experience the bubble architecture in a closed dark theatre. From large flat architecture turned into a bubbly gigantic white balloon on the river.

The two pink balloon rabbits are gigantic yet soft. Its purpose is to appear whimsical and playful. The artist purposefully distorted their sizes to create disturbances. It also draws attention to the constraints and strictures of urban life in many Asian large cities.

Besides that, you get to do the most foundational skills of creating a balloon using the commonly used plastic bag. Once the plastic bag has accomplished its purpose, it is cut into pieces and combined into other cut plastic bags. Recycling saves the environment and gives a new lease of life. It is a part of the big hot air balloon.

It also covers the inflatable art of white balloon rabbit titled Walter by Dawn Ng. A solar balloon is designed by an Argentinian artist. The floating sculpture of the moon evokes the feeling that the moon is close to you. Finally, it is good to have the exhibition guide in your hands.


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