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Children’s Picture Book Development

Children’s picture book development is a process to develop a kids-friendly story and design that will help them in their maturation process. The following process involve many professionals to produce a great story with great design:

Writer’s Job Scope Steps

  1. Research : it is a backup of your story
  2. Manuscript : Written text to be fully mature. Means there will be no changes. You need to work with a story writers who can advise you on your storyline. Then you will need proofreader, editor, and copywriter.

Which all these need to be passed to the illustrator

Illustrator’s Job Scope Steps

  1. Research : visual, character, environment, prop, colour, moodboard
  2. Storyboard : Sketch and revise the story
  3. Dummy book : Enhance the visualisation of the whole story

Upon completing the above steps, all the work are passed onto graphic designers with the following professional skills

Graphic Designers’ Job Scope Steps

  1. Typographer : Design the main title text design and select the best font on the overall illustrated pages for the children to read easily
  2. Layout Designer : Arrange the text and image elements within a design. The position of the elements will affect the readers’ perception and emotional reaction towards the content. Ensure both text and image complement each other.
  3. Cover Designer : The picture composition should serve as the summary and also selling point of the story
  4. Physical Format Designer : Select the best material for the printed physical book, which determines the final look of the printed books. It gives different visual, cognitive, sensory reading experiences and abilities to the young children.

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