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What Do I Do?

Eyes on the sea corals Swim towards the greeneries All the greenery Our common green colour Eyes on the sea corals Different green material Flowery soft sea corals My green hard shell soft body What do I do? ________________.

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Where Are You?

Where are you? In the corner of the blue ocean I accompany you I feel your tiny heartbeat I carry you I let you play hide and seek You run towards the stone I chase you You suddenly disappears Where are you? ________________.

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Where Am I?

In the blue ocean Enjoying your presence Feel the warmth of your breath Your warm hugs with me Suddenly disappears Playing hide and seek with you Swim across stones Lost among the stones Where am I? ________________.

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Who Are You?

Who Are You? At first meeting Your existence Interacting with you Listen to your every feelings Observe your postures Enjoy your companionship You makes me wonder Who are you? ________________.

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Who Am I?

Who Am I? Unaware of own birthHere on earth I breathe continuously Observe my environment Interacting and socializing Life is a mystery I wonder and wonder Who am I? ________________.

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