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The Birth of Turtles

Imagine a male turtle meets a female turtle. They marry together and decide to have baby turtles. Once the female turtle conceived, she is ready to lay her eggs. Thus, she swims ashore to the beach. According to sea turtle nesting beaches article, mother turtle walks on the moist sand. The moist sand prevents them […]

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Under The Sun

Sunbathing is part of the turtles’ life. It is mentioned in my Turtles’ Habitat Illustration Process article. “What is its sunbathing purpose?” This the main question that lingers in my mind. Why do turtles spread their legs and feet out article explains turtles are cold-blooded animals. It means that they can not control their internal […]

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Turtles’ Habitat Illustration Process

This illustration is based on my turtles’ habitat research article as I refer to Green sea turtle national geographic findings. I used the before created beach illustration using ProCreate and Adobe Photoshop CS6. Since the Green sea turtle national geographic mentions two types of turtles’ shell color, I design two turtles with different shell color. […]

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Turtles’ Habitat

Understanding about turtles helps me to understand their unique abilities and its role in the world ecosystem. Now, I research on their habitat. The Green sea turtle national geographic article mentions their usual habitation, activities, and even strengths despite their weaknesses. Turtles inhabit tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world. The most interesting fact […]

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Turtles’ Life Challenges

Throughout my research, we can understand more about turtles. Does turtles have teeth article was my early findings. Baby turtles are born with a ‘hatchling tooth’ or ‘egg tooth’. It is a tooth for them to break open their eggs. After they are out of their eggs, they lose this tooth soon. This is their […]

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Journey from Nest to Sea Illustration Process

Process The illustration idea focused on sea turtles’ hatchlings and predators section at the Green Sea Turtle National Geographic article. In the beginning, the article title was ‘turtle hatchling and predators’. However, the title sounds dull to me. So I drop the title idea. It is an interesting fact to read crab and seagulls eat […]

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Journey from Nest to Sea

Do you ever wonder about turtles’ hatchlings challenges? green sea turtle article explains their birth process and challenges as well. Female turtles leave the sea and return to the beach their mothers hatch them. They dig the sand with their flippers to create a pit. Hatch 100 to 200 eggs. Return to the sea. Under […]

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Turtles Eat Watermelon Illustration Process

Process In the beginning, I learn to use ProCreate app to draw digitally during the Apple Workshop. The teacher teaches everyone to draw watermelon. From basic shapes, base colour and the rendering process. While I was compiling my drawing process, and create the title, my mind began to question the turtle’s main staple as shared […]

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What is turtle’s diet?

I was improving my watermelon drawing. My mind begins to wonder about the animals that eat watermelon. However, it leads me to think about turtles’ main staple. What do turtles eat? What is their main diet? Where do they find their food source? How do they able to find their food? When do they eat? […]

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Atlantic Bigeye Sixgill Shark Illustration Process

Process Based on my previous Atlantic Bigeye Sixgill Shark research article, it is a newfound species. How does the shark feel when being satellite-tagged? Does it moves carefully? Does it feel uneasy to move? Does it attempt to sway away from the satellite tag from its tail? They may feel slight pain when their tissue sample […]

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