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Under The Sun

Sunbathing is part of the turtles’ life. It is mentioned in my Turtles’ Habitat Illustration Process article.

“What is its sunbathing purpose?” This the main question that lingers in my mind.

Why do turtles spread their legs and feet out article explains turtles are cold-blooded animals. It means that they can not control their internal body temperature. Basking under the sun helps to raise their body temperature. Stretching out their legs able to collect heat.

There is another question, “Why do they need to sunbathe?”

They need to engage in thermoregulation and elevate their metabolism function. It is to increase their immune and digestive systems. They need to absorb UVB rays in sunlight which are metabolized into vitamin D3 to process calcium.

This is an interesting finding to understand our dear turtle creatures living in this world.

In conclusion, we understand that not only dogs need sunbathing and even take them for a walk. Turtles also need sunbathing. It can help the turtles to process calcium which is essential for their growth.

All these information helps us to understand the mother turtles will dig a large hole to lay her eggs and bury them with sand. They do not have body heat. The natural sun helps to heat the eggs into hatchlings and even give calcium to them. Care, educate, and even spread their well-being needs to the pet-lovers.


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