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Who Is Tienny?

I am an artist and a programmer generalist. I have worked on projects like animation, illustration children’s book, web design, app design and even programming. You could say Tienny is the curious, inquisitive and resourceful being. I have a high organised approach, plenty of initiative and a genuine desire to contribute to the ongoing success of your organisation. Being able to add value to the organisation with translation communication and document skill. Besides that, I can be a good communicator between various department. I am creative, hardworking, able to work well with people and enjoy the working process with people. I have always been thought of for leading a team.

About my childhood

During my childhood days, I enjoy drawing my observation towards the world. Curiosity leads me to question everything and get my hands dirty. Lizard sound attracts my ears. Each and every detail spark my imagination into stories. Write the stories and draw it out onto the paper. When I saw a typewriter at my dad’s shop, I learned to use it and typed the stories in my head. Astronaut is my first dream job to see how the moon look like. Second is being a police officer. Last dream job is being an author. However, my height does not permit me to be an astronaut. My height and stamina do not qualify me to be a police officer.

Whenever my parents shared about my grandparents, I feel so inspired with their lives and legacy despite their heartaches and disappointment in their lives. Their high motivation drove them to lead a meaningful purpose in life. Being hardworking, determined and persistence are part of our beliefs.

My family are conservative so they led me to study computing.

However, life takes another turn. I lent my created comic books (during my childhood) to few of my close friends. They had a good laugh at my stories. That really brings me satisfaction to bring them laughter. Inside I wish to inspire others through my visual stories and bring my ideas to life. Thus I choose to study animation at Lasalle College.

Recent news from the UK government to teach children to code place a heavy burden upon the parents. With my programming background and diploma in animation, I believe I can add value to children how to code in a simple way. I feel that incorporate it into animation can help the younger generation to understand about coding.

Throughout my observations and reflections, family plays a vital role to help children to tap into their needs and potential. Then they are able to contribute and bring positive impact into the society. I hope to be able to contribute my part in the community.

Older Child To End Of School

The most memorable moment is during my secondary school days. My classmates are bigger size than I do but I can sense their warmth and care. We often reminded each other of the homework. when they forgot to do it, I let them learn it from my notebook. Sometimes, I overlooked one of my homework due to attempting to complete other homework. They let me learn from their notebook. I can sense the unity and harmony with my classmates.

During relax time, two classmates and I worked together to earn pocket money. We brought value to design the bookmark according to others’ needs. My creative friend and I communicate on the design we need to do. Thus we were able to complete before the given deadline. The other friend was the one in charge of the bookmark delivery and receive payment. Finally, we split the income heartily. It was a fun teamwork, working process and results. We didn’t continue it due to the importance for us to focus on our studies. Everybody went to different colleges.

Those days etched deeply in my memory. The great feeling of teamwork. Sense of achievement. Communication. Two years ago, I began to realise it was entrepreneurship.